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Melina Vergilis
Melina Vergilis is a quirky yet responsible girl who loves putting her feelings on paper. In her free time you'll find her hanging out at the barn with her friends and her horse. She is a mature, motivated, and spunky person who wants to help anyone and everyone she can. When she's older, her dream is to become a psychologist. Melina is an extremely passionate teen who is always open to making new friends. She would way rather be out doing something productive rather than laying in bed doing nothing. Although she isn't fond of doing nothing, she will gladly sit down and read a book when needed. Usually if she isn't tending to her giant fur baby at the barn, you'll catch her at church volunteering and leading a kindergarten church group. Overall Mel is a great gal. (I'm a little bias though)

Melina Vergilis, Staff Writer

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