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Sallie Kate Worley
So, you’re looking to know Sallie Kate Worley (the sophomore first-year staff member)? The following places will tell you all you need to know about her:

-Browns Bridge Church (specifically in the auditorium and Attic East small group room 110).

-Her house, where she quite often watches Avengers: Infinity War, trying desperately to find a crucial word or facial expression that she missed in the first 22 views that would give away exactly how everyone is actually still alive. Except Ebony Maw.

-Her Boston Terrier’s favorite rug, which is also in her house. You will find her there, in a failing attempt to keep up with the energy of an adorable puppy.

-Cumming Dance Academy, where she would surely be playing football. Just kidding. She’d be dancing.

-The kitchen table in her house, at which she dominates board games that she plays with her family. She loves them to death, and they are all incredibly competitive.

Sallie Kate Worley, Staff Writer

Oct 01, 2018
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