How to Prepare for the ACT


As testing day draws near, it’s important to prepare both your mind and body to take the ACT. (Photo from Google)

ACT testing will take place on Oct. 24 between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. The test itself will have four parts: English, mathematics, reading and science. A calculator* can only be used on the mathematics test only. 

What can be done to prepare for the test? It is recommended that testers dress comfortably as the test will take approximately four to five hours depending on if the student selected to take the writing portion during ACT registration. Getting plenty of sleep as well as finishing studying all materials the night before the test can help with memory recall and reduce stress before having to take the ACT. 

Arrive early so that you can go to the bathroom beforehand and have time mentally to decompress and prepare for the long stretch of time that will be spent testing. Bring a cold water bottle to rejuvenate yourself during the breaks as well as pencils and an eraser. While eating and drinking is not allowed during the test itself, breaks allow for short periods of rest and a quick snack. Breaks serve as optimal times to stand up, stretch and rest your mind before sitting back down and moving on to the next section.

Overall, one possible way to prepare as testing time draws closer involves both reviewing the information that will be covered and taking care of your body in order to have the optimal level of performance on the day of the test.

*If you are unsure whether or not your calculator is the correct type to use, the information can be found here. If there are any questions, contact Mrs. Transue for details.