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A vehicle, presumably James’

Silenced Quandaries

Ava White, Staff Writer September 22, 2023

It was the worst accident I had ever been in, and that's saying a lot. I should have considered my poor choices, such as turning left on a red light. Maybe the worst option was not breaking when I realized...

The perfect time for a mushroom to just be a mushroom.


Janis Parry, Literature Editor September 21, 2023

It was a glimmering dawn that woke the fungus from the night's blanket. Cold and shrouded was the white roof that seemed tampered with peeling sheets, and underneath were the brown lines that interconnected...

Who would have thought he was there?

Case Closed

Christina Manes, Staff Writer September 18, 2023

She ran to the voice to find a skinny young man looking helpless, and she knew her hunch was right, a beaming smirk flew across her face for a second.    "Are you ok sir?" Janet said as she...

The race to the finish line.

The Finish Line

Grace Hutka, Staff Writer September 17, 2023

We have worked so hard for this all year. We have grown as a team and as individuals. We finally made it to nationals. We hear our team get called to the stage. We freak out hearing that we have made it...

A close-up visual of the pages of a book acting as an aesthetic

Once Upon A Time

Cameron Simpson, Staff Writer September 13, 2023

Words and lyrics combine, To weave a tale of magic So wonderfully divine.   Crowns, jewels, satin gowns Filling every hall, every space on the floor. Lights, music, life A splendid...

“Gathering Storm” by Ivan Aivazovsk

Farewells In Spring

Iris Chiofolo, Opinion Editor September 12, 2023

your glances are poison, staining my heart, the longer I linger, the harder to depart.   your hands are like fire, singing my skin, none of this you may know, my animosity...

Even as we change, the places where we grew up stay the same.

An Ode to Small Italian Restaurants and Growing Up

Abbey Underhill, Staff Writer September 6, 2023

there is an unwilling and unwitting amount of  comfort found at the same table as your  siblings once you grow older   once the ages add up and with them the  number of living spaces...

Lovely goat poses for her picture as she amuses the younger generation for a lifetime


Maddie Lewis, News Editor September 6, 2023

Goat  Greatest Of All Time  Is she the G.O.A.T?    She poses for the camera  Her smile beams right through the camera  Head tilted at such a profound angle    Goat  Her...

Dylan likes to hang around with people on the beach


Iris Chiofolo, Staff Writer May 8, 2023

Dylan is a bird. A seagull, really. But quite frankly, he has always felt that he doesn’t fit in with his friends. While the other birds want to beg people for food, Dylan prefers to simply be in the...

Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

Ghosts of the Past

Kiera Walker, Staff Writer April 25, 2023

Isn’t it weird how ghosts from the past come back into our lives? It’s like walking down a straight path but finding yourself turning back around to the beginning.   It is a very odd...

A person, seen as a bug. Photo by Gracie Zimmerman

A Bug’s View

Gracie Zimmerman, Literature Editor April 10, 2023

Drowning in sorrows, Awaiting tomorrows.   Each day passing, Missed opportunities flashing.   Walking past previous images, Of a girl who faced many damages.   Regrets...

I’m tired (Photo by: Sarah Treusch)

I run.

Sarah Treusch, Editor-in-Chief March 31, 2023

I can never stop running My feet ache from the constant beating on the ground Again and again I can never change pace Ridiculed for slowing down  My lungs collapse when I accelerate   I...

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