Senior Gaby Staiger Commits to Dean University After Signing for Golf


Senior Gaby Staiger and her golf career.

As the second semester rolls around, seniors are receiving college decisions and deciding where to commit. Senior Gaby Staiger has already committed to Dean University,located in Boston, Mass.,after signing for golf. 


Staiger’s golf career first began three years ago, during the summer of her freshman year, and she appeared on the North Forsyth Golf Team starting her sophomore year.

Staiger admitted  her dad and her friend Alayna first drew her to golf. “My dad played when he was younger. I also have a friend, Alayna, who golfed, and it was just something we always did together which led me to learn how to play.”


With any sport, athletes find moments that stand out from the rest and give them a sense of true accomplishment and excitement. Staiger’s favorite moment involving golf was seeing how her hard work and determination paid off. “I had spent my whole summer practicing because I felt, starting golf so late, I would not be as good as others my age. I ended up winning one of my tournaments and getting invited to a championship with the top golfers. I placed sixth which was better than I had expected.”


Signing as an athlete is an immense deal and often one that calls for celebration of their accomplishments and hopeful success for their future. “Signing felt very exciting, especially because of all my hard work. It was also just shocking considering I’ve only been playing for three years, and now I’ve signed to a college.” Staiger is looking forward to being somewhere new and working with new coaches and a new team. She’s excited to exclusively focus on golf. During the summer, Staiger plans to continue in tournaments to focus on perfecting her skills with her new clubs before heading to Dean University to begin her college golf career.


With this new experience just ahead, Staiger has high hopes for the future.“I hope with this opportunity I can improve in golf with the help of a different coaches’ perspective as well as playing courses that are different from the Georgia region. I also hope to make great friends who have the same desire for a sport that I do.”