Metallic Lilacs

The poetry that flows

Is a wave of control

Washes of purple and red

Staining shame


They’re lonesome and troubled

Calling His name


God, will you answer us?


Untreated and ignored

Bruises and cuts,

Are tainted by blood

Iron gush that kisses shaky hands


They smell


And taste like



Sprouting and ripping the wounds.


Shaken Faith with smoky lungs

Mary’s Heaven doesn’t know it yet,

God doesn’t believe in waves

Or rose beds


Flowers are thorns as

Forests are leaves


If you seek out the flames

You’ll find horror,

Bore, a disturbed belief


They take these whispers

That I leave for the wind

Send them back home


Forgive me,

For I’ve sinned.


Sister, you’re never home

Believe me, I know.

The dear chapter of voices

Won’t leave me alone.


My talents are poison,

Morals are prison

I fly to escape

And drown to not listen


Angst and monstrosities,

Curiosity killed the kids.

These beautiful terrors are composed

Of pride, fear, and acids


The night is too lovely

To be afraid of the dark

Even if it chokes you

The stars provide spark.


Eu te amo

Eu dei tudo que eu tinha


The trees are all secrets,

Whispering their doubt

The waves kiss the shore

Questioning our motives

Day in, day out.