Is Alice in Borderland the OG Squid Game?


Photo Caption: Alice in Borderland and Squid Game are Netflix’s one of many hit asian series. Photo By: KKday Blog

In 2021, Squid Game was a phenomenon that rocked the world with Hwang Dong- hyuk’s creative take on a modern capitalist society by using participants, who are struggling to make it through life due to an overabundant amount of debt, to compete in games that can cost them their lives. Though this isn’t an entirely new concept.

In 2020, a japanese thriller was released by the name of Alice in Borderland that followed a similar plot: Arisu and a group of friends find themselves in an empty version of Tokyo, with no way out, his friends and him must compete in several games in order to survive. And just like Squid Game, it maintains a hidden depth to the story but instead of capitalism it focuses on the human spirit and the importance of appreciating life.


Unlike Squid Game, Alice in Borderland did not reach its successor’s level of popularity but that doesn’t mean Alice in Borderland isn’t worthy.


Alice in Borderland offers a fast pace feeling that withstands the whole show, characters who are compelling and mysteries left unknown to ponder on: Who created this world? How did these people end up here? Were they chosen at random? How do they return to the other world?


These questions give Alice in Borderland an air of mystery that Squid game loses further in the season especially towards the end. While Borderland leaves viewers with a captivating ending and excitement for a new season (which just released Dec. 22, 2022), Squid Game offers a frustrating ending that makes you question the sanity of the protagonist. 


Overall, Alice in Borderland and Squid Game are both enjoyable shows that will keep viewers enticed, especially when the characters partake in a variation of different games. However, Alice in Borderland is able to obtain their message which Squid Game ultimately loses.