What Is The Best Muffin Flavor?

This fake-looking muffin looks tasty!
Photo by: Delish


This fake-looking muffin looks tasty! Photo by: Delish

There are many muffin flavors, varying from savory to sweet. Chocolate chip, blueberry, banana, and even plain vanilla are among the most beloved muffin flavors. Feb. 20 national muffin day and recently there has been an uprise in debate over the best muffin flavor.


Personally, I think the blueberry muffin flavor is an atrocity that needs to be forcefully removed from society. Ella Rollins, a freshman at North Forsyth counters my argument by saying, “I really love blueberry muffins and they are the reason that I live.” She even goes on to relive an experience where she dropped a blueberry muffin in the dirt and still ate it because of how delicious it tasted.


I disagree because blueberry muffins don’t usually taste like blueberries. Actually, most fruit-flavored muffins are inaccurate to real fruits and therefore do not qualify as real flavors.


For example, banana flavor does not taste like a real banana because the flavor is inspired by the Gros Michel, which is an old variant of the bananas we eat today. The Gros Michel tastes different from the Cavendish banana, and we no longer eat the Gros Michel banana, so the banana flavor does not taste like traditional bananas. 


Grace Hutka, when asked how she feels about banana-flavored muffins, claims, “I do not like banana flavored muffins because I am allergic to bananas, but also because it is not a real muffin flavor. I just feel that way in my heart.” As someone who is allergic to bananas, she feels as though she is “qualified to discredit the banana muffin flavor.”


Since banana and blueberry are clearly inferior flavors because they are inaccurate, that leaves the best muffin flavor up for question. I think that chocolate chip is one of the most delicious flavors because it takes a simple flavor like vanilla and spices it up just a little with the chocolate. 


Additionally, there are different types of chocolate chips. If you want an incredibly sweet muffin, sweet chocolate chips can be added, but if you’re the kind of person who enjoys a more savory taste, semi-sweet chocolates are just as good. 


Also, there are different sizes of chocolate chips, so depending on how much chocolate you want, that can be adjusted. Speaking from experience, I can say that mini chips are best for baking because they do not sink down to the bottom of the muffin, but regular chips offer more chocolate.


With chocolate chip muffins there is so much room for variety that the options are near-endless. From size to flavor, there are no limits to chocolate chip muffins, which makes them the best muffin flavor. To celebrate National Muffin Day on Feb. 20, everyone should eat a chocolate chip muffin!