North’s Raiders Destroy Central Dogs In Season Opener


Photo by Ashleigh Brown

The astounding score had everyone on their feet cheering –one student even let lose some confetti! Talk about a cause for celebration.

North Forsyth High School v. Forsyth Central High School is an infamous rivalry that demands attention from schools, students, faculty, and anyone who enjoys the sport of high school football. As a result, August 30th’s game was positively packed!

The students roaring in the stands, the band blaring upbeat and triumphant tunes, the distant sound of a cowbell that at least one person is required to bring –these are the sounds that flooded Raider Valley on that hot, humid and unforgettable Friday night.

In the end, that pre-game pep was nothing compared to the outbursts of deafening cheers that exploded from the stands as the Raiders Varsity Football team emerged victorious against the age old rival of Central with an astonishing score of 31-0. Let’s hope this luck continues with the Raiders as they continue through the season.