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  • Painting classes I, II, and III worked hard on this beautiful, mind-blowing mural panel.

  • Cascading butterflies flit out of the plants below to explore beyond the mural.

  • Breena Gwaltney gets up close and personal with the painting, observing every tiny line that leaves her paintbrush.

  • Flowers is what it’s all about when Alex Sievenpiper picks up that brush.

  • Marsha Patterson and students (from left to right) Diana Hybru, Alex Sievenpiper, and Phoebe Kinser work together to put this mural masterpiece to finish.

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Marsha Patterson, North Forsyth High School’s art teacher and her Painting I, Painting II, and Painting III students have been painting away at a mural for Chestatee Elementary School.

Using acrylic and other mixed mediums, students at North are trying to bring the outdoors in with these paintings of plants and animals.

“We only hope to make art more visible and give rise to creative minds of young students,” Patterson says. She aspires to enhance the beauty of the school with this mural and draw more attention to the art classes in middle and high school.

Students in Painting I, Painting II and Painting III also love helping their teacher work on the mural panels to inspire these young children.