Homecoming Hints

Darlin Strapless Lace Chiffon Dress, $79, Dillard’s.

Photo by Isabella Higgins.

Darlin Strapless Lace Chiffon Dress, $79, Dillard’s.

It is everyone’s favorite time of the year! Get ready to dress up, and create memories that will always stay fresh in the mind.  Homecoming is a high school tradition where boys and girls formally dress up, ready to dance the night away. The term homecoming comes from welcoming “home” high school graduates to watch the homecoming football game.  Homecoming is often mistaken with prom, but homecoming kicks off the start of football and is for all grades to enjoy.  Prom is in the spring and is usually reserved for juniors and seniors.

It’s a definite yes to wearing formal clothes to the dance!  Ladies the time has come to select the perfect dress, whether it is short and full of sequins or long and sophisticated.  Most girls chose a short dress for homecoming and save the chance to wear a long dress for prom.  Choosing a dress can be hard work!  The art of dress shopping is tricky business, and it is a good idea to let a mother figure or a good friend help with the decision. A mom/friend will help confident levels stay high and help the choosing of dresses easier.  There is a multitude of dress styles.   See a dress?  Grab it off the rack and skip on into the dressing room. Try anything and everything on, to get the feel of real dress shopping.  It is all part of the process in finding the perfect dress!

New colors are always trending, and for homecoming 2013, they are rocking.  Colors include: deep lichen greens, samba reds, corals, ocean blues, amethyst, bright oranges, and grays.

After finding the best dress, next comes hair and make-up.  For make-up stick with the color scheme of the dress chosen.  For example, if the dress is green, stick with the same family of greens.  Experiment several times before the dance, so messing up will not be an option.

Oh no, hair comes next!  Do not panic!  Hair styles depend on the dress types.  Up-dos look stunning on a gown with sleeves or straps, and with a strapless gown curled hair is breath-taking.  Keep in mind the dress style, and practice brushing and combing to perfection.  Call and make a hair appointment if necessary.  Hair stylists are open to any style, for any event.

Shoes are a girl’s best friend.  Shoes complete outfits, and add that extra oomph to girl’s confidence.  Flats work best for tall girls, and short dresses.  Flats with long dresses are perfectly acceptable; just make sure the hem of the dress is not dragging on the ground.  Heels range from extra small to extra large.  Before purchasing heels, calculate the height needed with the dress.  Practice walking in heels, so no nasty falls take place while having fun.

Homecoming should be a time to create countless memories!  Have fun, and stay beautiful.