Trending When the Leaves Fall…


Photo by Maddie Highland

Fall is coming…will you be ready?

Vera Bradley has expanded their 2013 line of fall patterns. Patterns include Canterberry Cobalt, Olivia Pink, Bittersweet, La Neon Rose, Heather, Cocoa Moss, and Lola. Pick between funky and fresh, or laid back…now if only you could decide!


Canterberry Cobalt is a blue, white, gray, and black somewhat winter-looking pattern. It is very modern and sleek, and the design is very easy to wear. It matches with almost anything and the blue is an excellent addition to the cool colors.


Olivia Pink is a new take on vintage. Coats of flowers and petals add a fun feel to this new fall pattern. These colors match well with any outfit!


Bittersweet is the original colors of fall. Splashes of rustic orange, crispy brown and barn door red contribute to this perfect fall experience.


La Neon Rose is a turning a new leaf on some traditional colors. Black, white, yellow, and forest green come together for a beautiful pattern of fall.


Heather is a beautiful blend of an array of crazy colors. This pattern overlaps, which adds creative pop to your perfect fall day out.


Cocoa Moss is a perfect calm tone that represents fall with a confident flare. Brown, lime green, classic white, and black spark the brighter side of fall.


Lola is colorful and creative pattern that is absolutely perfect for the funky side of you! Teel blue, yellow-green, white, brown, light pink and salmon fit together like a puzzle.


With so many new additions to the Vera Bradley family you will surely find one that fits your personality! All of the new patterns are unique in their own way, just like you!


Be sure to check out the new fall Vera Bradley family members! You will think they are literally the best thing ever!