Photo By: Jack Fleming

For more information on HOSA, see Mrs. Smith in the 400 hallway.

With Band-Aids for the giving and determination in their minds the HOSA club worked hard to make their mark on North Forsyth High School during HOSA Week. HOSA is a club that helps students interested in a healthcare career gain an insight into many medical occupations.

As HOSA week came to an end the president of HOSA, Isabella Martino, gave an insight on what HOSA Week was all about. “Provide school or community services, promote opportunities in healthcare, and show appreciation to the healthcare community”, was the purpose of November the 4th to the 8th as Isabella explained it. She hopes that with that with the many projects and hard work that placed forward the target groups were reached and satisfied.

To help the community around them the HOSA team planed to adopt an area on the school grounds and make an effort to provide its cleanliness. They were able to sell items around the campus like organic foods in an effort to help their organization financially. As they showed appreciation for the healthcare community they worked together and presented a gift for Ms. Harris in the Nurses Office. Isabella explained their efforts were to, “Recognize and thank people around you that have lent a helping hand.”

With all their hard work HOSA was able to successfully complete HOSA Week and do a lot of good. As their accomplishments help the group stay active and prosperous, HOSA intends to be as well natured and medically minded as they can.