Target Partners with Feed America


Photo by Rayanne Griffith

Target partners with Feed America to achieve the goal of feeding starving families. Would people say that this is a humanitarian thing? Reprinted with permission by Brent Dixon who works for the distributor of Feed America.

Feed America is not just some impractical charity nor is it a silly organization that people do not take seriously, and it is especially not an organization that wastes America’s time. It is an organization worth contributing to.

Created in 2006, Feed America is currently the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. Their mission is to make America hunger-free. Through a nation-wide spectrum, Feed America has created a network of over 200 member food banks. These food banks give people across the United States a chance to feed their families. There are many programs that Feed America has incorporated into their organization to help families in need, and anyone can volunteer and participate in these programs to help fight hunger. The Feed America programs mainly focus on child hunger. Programs such as Kids Café, Backpack Program, Summer Food, and School Pantry help provide children with lunches for school and food in their houses.

Target became partners with Feed America in the fight against hunger in the summer of 2013. The well-known store has adopted a new collection co-designed by Lauren Bush from Feed America that customers can purchase in-stores and online. Their goal is to give 10 million meals to starving families and children all around the world. Target plans on raising funds for Feed America food banks.  Every Feed America product that Target has available for purchase displays a number on the tag. This number tells how many meals will be given to Feed America food banks with the customer’s purchase.

Not only does Feed America help fight hunger, it also raises awareness of hunger. They are trying to give people all around the country the message that families are suffering out there. The more people that volunteer and the more people that help raise awareness, the faster hunger will disappear from America.