Ballad: Mother Theresa’s Third


Photo by Lyndsay Hampton

“Sleeping Beauty”

Life you know is a dream.

Oh but how it is to be awake.

Things aren’t always as they seem.

This is not your truest state.

How is it exactly that you have come to being?

Which ancestor is the greatest of the great-great-great’s?

Listen wake up I’m telling you, you’re dreaming.

Could you really be so foolish to believe in fate?

Blindfolded madness is flooding the streets.

Does question never stir your soul nor tempt your heart?

Yet I tell you a fortunate few master the art of perceiving.

Stand still, take a good look at where you are.

Believing is seeing or is seeing believing?

What if your reality couldn’t tell them apart?

The world you know is all too real; you can smell, see, and touch.

But what if suddenly you just woke up?