Debate Team Places in Competition


Photo by Tara Bailey

Left to right: Juniors Emma Browning, Justin Ebert, and Casey Green went to Grady High School in Atlanta to debate in the Lincoln-Douglass category.

This past weekend, co-leaders Mr. Yeager and Mrs. Yeager led North Forsyth’s debate team’s competition in the novice Lincoln-Douglass category at Grady High School in Atlanta, placing first place ( junior Casey Green), second place ( junior Emma Browning), and fifth place ( junior Justin Ebert). The team members prepared their arguments by researching and meeting once a week in Mr. Yeager’s room, and had to prepare both sides—for and against—of their arguments because they do not know which side they will represent until 10 minutes before their debates. Mr. Yeager was very proud of the debate team for their accomplishments so far this year:

“At the last competition, Casey went six to zero, Emma five to one, so both made the semi-finals, making them have to compete against each other. But they decided that they would rather be co-champions than compete against each other” Yeager said.

This was the third out of the four competitions that were planned for this year; the last competition will be scheduled for this weekend at Milton.