DECA Brings Home the Bacon


Photo by Jack Fleming

Standing left to right, Shaun Herock, Nicole Sullivan, Savannah Epperson, and Robbie Patrick are adorned in metals and honor with an accomplished vibe after their regional competition.

DECA glorifies North Forsyth High School as they took home two top placing awards at their regional competition on January 23, 2014. This event required the students to complete a one hundred question test and preform a role play. Ms. Lisa Cline, DECA Advisor, was overjoyed with her students’ performance.

Having competed in Food Marketing, Nicole Sullivan won the 3rd place award in the overall event. She claimed to have studied many former tests and role plays before entering the competition. “She asked many questions before the competition started to reassure herself.” Ms. Cline stated.Winning the second place price for overall, Robby Patrick was enthusiastic after competing in in the Sports and Entertainment category. Ms. Cline explains, “He wasn’t very excited about the competition last year, but he decided to try again this year and is thrilled with 2nd place.”

With guidance from Ms. Cline, Nicole Sullivan and Robby Patrick won top places for DECA. Now they are geared up and ready to represent at state competitions in February.