North Forsyth Bleeds for Charity

On Monday, March 10, 2014, the students of North Forsyth began to enter the old gym and sign in for their time slots at the Red Cross blood drive. Arriving in waves split up throughout the normal school day, countless students meeting the specific health requirements of the Red Cross were allowed to donate blood for future blood transfusions.

Student donations are incredibly important to the Red Cross and similar orginazations. High school students make up roughly one third of all the donors used by the Red Cross anually, according to the supervisor for North Forsyth’s blood drive, Bryan Butts.

High school blood drives are critical in order to “save lives and recruit future donors” Butts explained. Without the high level of participation that North Forsyth and other high schools put out, blood transfusions would be made that much harder to complete.

By the hundreds, North Forsyth is saving lives.