Bonaire: The Stony Vista

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  • The lush green palms of the beaches stand a peaceful guard over lazy tourists and locals who have come to relax their spirits by the sea shore.

  • With life’s “brutalities”, how can these islanders survive like this?

  • This little guy took on the name Din-O because when he reached out his long neck and growled I thought a dinosaur was sitting in a tree.

  • The majesty of an underwater forest may hold the greatest beauty in the entire world.

  • Dare to venture beyond sanity’s brink. The greatest scenery lies there.

  • The sky’s hearth fire at last falls towards the horizon, allowing the wonders of Bonaire to rest long enough to amaze us tomorrow.

  • A puffer fish challenged me to snap a photo before he escaped. Let’s just say I caught the “tail” end of that contest.

  • “Somewhere… Beyond the sea…”

  • The wild team Nonamё frolics in its natural habitat.

  • When the brave Blue Moon speed boat fell ill, the hosts offered to sooth our sadness by replacing our last dive of the day with a sunset schooner cruise. Poor us.

  • Sailors have always spoken of the sail with great spiritual emphasis. Watching it rise high into the sky to catch the wind spirits, I can now understand why.

  • Some may require a fancy restaurant stocked with soufflés, étouffées, and every unpronounceable concoction of mankind’s imagination, but for me, a hamburger meal on a Caribbean sailboat is as five-star as life gets.

  • Looks like road tripping today. Bonaire may not be tropical, but the scrubby, dry, cactus strewn landscape holds its own beauty.

  • You want ME to go down in THERE?

  • The ominous catacombs of long dead coral connect and intertwine all throughout subterranean Bonaire.

  • Some say flying is the most terrifying experience of their life, but they must have never looked out the window.

  • Finally, the journey must return back to Georgia. If only the mountains had beauties of their own. Oh wait…

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