Homicide and Kidnapping on Lake Oconee

Last week a devastating homicide and kidnap incident was reported in the high class neighborhood of Great Waters, located on Lake Oconee. Russell Dermond was discovered in his garage, headless, by one of his friendly neighbors. Shirley, his wife, was not at the house, so police are almost certain she was kidnapped and is in great danger. Russell Dermond was an 88 year old man, and Shirley is 87 years of age. Police are asking around, but no one seems to think the Dermond’s have any reason to be targeted or have any enemies. They owned two restaurants, Wendy’s and Chick-Fil-A, and were very involved in their local church. So why were these two helpless old people killed and kidnapped?
Sheriff Sills is working hard to uncover the motive, and who the murders are. He said this is one of the most puzzling homicide cases he’s ever worked. No crime has taken place in that area for almost 18 years. What was the reason to break that streak? Who could have so much hatred or jealousy they would harm the Dermonds? Shirley and Russell’s children are also baffled concerning their parents, the targets of such vicious acts. Members in the community state they were the sweetest and most family-oriented people. No one has any idea why this would happen. Sheriff Sills is also befuddled due to the missing, decapitated head of Russell Dermond. Russell’s body will undergo an autopsy soon. Where could the abducted Shirley Dermond be, and where is Russell’s head? Hopefully all the questions will be solved shortly, and with hope, Shirley, will be found alive and unharmed.