Dismaland: A Bemusement Park


Theme parks are usually fun for the whole family, but Dismaland may not be suitable for children. Photo is a screenshot from video in article.

Danielle Stone, Staff Writer

The street artist “Bansky” recently opened his “bemusement park” in Britain. He has called it “a theme park whose theme is: theme parks should have bigger themes. To get one thing straight, “Dismaland” is not an amusement park; it is a political/social art museum. A map and a video summarizing the park were posted just before it was opened. There is a lot of dark social commentary, and many have labeled the park as “twisted,” When asked about this in an interview, Banksy said: “I’ve never called it that. We just built a family attraction that acknowledges inequality and impending catastrophe. I would argue it’s theme parks which ignore these things that are the twisted ones.” Dismaland is open from August 22 to September 27, five weeks only, and will most likely not be returning.