Do Video Games Promote Violence?


Violent video games don’t necessarily mean violent behavior. Fight situations in a video game are much different from violent situations in real life; in video games there’s a respawn button.

Raicheal Havins, News Editor

Do video games make people violent? Do guns shoot people? Do spoons cause weight gain? No. People are constantly looking for a tangible source to blame for violent behavior, but there is no correlation between violent video games and violent or criminal behavior. Why are video games to blame? Loud noises and sharp graphics have nothing to do with violence. The simulated situations are just that, simulated. It does not promote violent tendencies.

I play video games. I have since I was about eleven, most of which were rated M. All of them included fighting in fantasy and realistic settings. I am assertive in defending what I believe in, but I would never actively seek out a confrontation, violent or not. All of my friends that play video games are pacifists, but I have friends who have never played a video game in their life that are constantly seeking out a fight.

I think playing violent video games reduces violent behavior, if anything. Playing them can help destress, most of the time, from all of the pressures of real life. You can take out all your frustrations virtually, hurting nothing other than your controller and the ranking of your opponents.

Why are video games always to blame for violent behavior? Studies have shown that video games are not responsible. Just because there are violent situations doesn’t mean that it promotes violent behavior.