Raider Station Gets a New Home for 2016-2017


North Forsyth High School’s school store, The Raider Station, is a gold based enterprise. Next year, they will be going through some great changes due to a new location that is expected in June. Be on the lookout for the new school store location in the following school year.

Kristin Iler, Staff Writer

The Raider Station, North Forsyth High School’s school store, is expecting a great outcome from this year’s renovations. The newly ranked “Gold” school based enterprise is forecasted to increase by 25% in sales next year.

Since this year, The Raider Station has been relocated. Despite the new location being extremely small compared to the previous year, sales have increased by five percent due to the great location.

Next year, The Raider Station is to be located right in front of the school, and connected to the atrium of the cafeteria. It will be approximately 500 square-feet and feature a walk-in area. Also, the DECA director and marketing teacher Mrs. Lisa Cline is looking to expand the product selection within the store in the following years.

With the new store and location, The Raider Station is sure to increase sales and improve North Forsyth High School’s excellence for many years to come.