What is Wrong With the Public School System?


In a world so complex, differentiation is the common fate of all things. Minds advance and adapt if given the opportune chance to reach their full potential. Society should maximize the brain power of everyone; how can that be done if there is only one definition of intelligence, and anyone who does not follow is at a considerably lower level? The world is composed of variety, and there are a variety of definitions for sagacity.

Julie Day, Staff Writer

Diversity is something highly stressed in the public school system and for good reason. Society is constructed with the hands of variety, and that does not stop at education.

Classrooms are filled with individuals who learn in different ways, and their education should not be the same. School systems realize this, yet all classrooms operate uniformly.

Teachers are put under immense pressure to accommodate to all of the needs present in their classroom. Is there really a way to diversify the classroom education as a whole?

Instead of pushing teachers to differentiate their teaching, why not allow the teachers to choose how to run their classroom? Everyone is different, and so are teachers; they all have their own style. Allow the teachers are allowed to create their own signature style, students could then pick their teachers based off of what is the most effective for them.

If at the end of middle school, everyone was tested on how they best learn, be it tactile, auditory, etc., going into high school they could easily depict which classroom type they would benefit the most from.

This is not a statement wishing for several different teachers per subject, but if the teachers get to decide how to run their classroom, during course registration the teacher’s style could be listed, and students could choose which already present teacher would host the most amenable environment.

The world is fast pace and exponentially advancing. Diversity is an aspect of society which should be embraced. There is no one specific definition to the extent of the society everyone shares. It is important to utilize the full potential of every human being that graces this planet, for they could bring great and needed change to the world. Everyone is different; we are taught that in school. What we are not taught in school is diversity itself.   Is it really possible to make one classroom appeal to everyone’s needs?