More Refugees Coming to America in 2017


Syrian Refugees being held behind barbed wire for safety.

Emma Ray, Staff Writer

As of 2017 the Obama Administration will slowly start letting in more refugees. For over a year this has been a conflict the U.S. have been facing, whether or not let thousands of Refugees ranging from Africa, and Europe come to America. Many have been concerned over some of the refugees being Islamic terrorists while others say to let the refugees come. Bob Goodlatte Committee Chairman states “we must remain compassionate towards refugees but we also need to make sure we use common sense” addressing the issue.

The plans are to let about 110,000 refugees come in while using security measures. Many government representatives are very concerned over the issue, and are worried about where to find the funds to support the refugees. It is up to the state governments on the amount each state wants to let in while not letting more than they can fund. Though this issue will never be agreed on it does not hide the fact the potential to save families from war and destruction.

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