EpiPen Prices Increasing Rapidly


The EpiPen doesn’t reveal the needle until injected into the thigh. This medical tool gives the person who is having the reaction about 10 to 15 minutes to seek medical attention.

Melina Vergilis, Staff Writer

Millions of people around the world face allergies on a daily basis, but how do people deal with severe allergic reactions? The EpiPen is a portable needle filled with epinephrine that is injected into the thigh when severe allergies occur. It saves many peoples’ lives everyday and gives them the capability to go out and experience everyday activities without worrying. Although this handy tool allows breathing in emergency situations, people with reactions should seek medical attention immediately after injecting it into the body. Epi-Pens are incredible devices, but with controversial costs.

The cost of one EpiPen without insurance is about $450 to $600 dollars. However, recently a rumor has been going around about an epinephrine pill being released, in place of the pen. If this product is released, it would save millions of people a lot of money. This new product would be huge because it will finally give consumers their first alternative. The EpiPen does have many flaws: The pen is bulky and expires after a year. For the amount of money paid, people will get irritated if they do not happen to use it and the pen expires. A pill would be more convenient and less bulky for consumers.

Kelsey Nocilla, who attends high school in Canton, Georgia shared her experiences about the EpiPen: “An EpiPen injection is the emergency treatment for a life threatening reaction. Anaphylaxis can be unpredictable, so it’s important for anyone with severe allergies to carry an EpiPen with them at all times.”

Even though this tool is pricey, it is mandatory to carry one in case of life threatening instances. Nocilla is a perfect example of someone who needs to carry the pen at all times. Hopefully, the alternative pill will soon be available to consumers around the world who are dealing with severe daily allergies.