Trump Cabinet brings up familiar and unusual picks

A humorous Representation of Trump presenting Rex Tillerson to his cabinet

A humorous Representation of Trump presenting Rex Tillerson to his cabinet

Seth Anderson, Staff Writer

Even before inauguration, President Elect Donald Trump was busy setting up his cabinet to feature many familiar Republican faces, but even when working behind the scenes, Trump can’t avoid controversy. While certain picks like Steven Mnuchin (Secretary of Treasury) and James Mattis (Secretary of Defense) make sense, Trump makes sure that other picks like Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State are guaranteed to raise eyebrows on all sides of the political spectrum.


If there is one thing Trump needs to do with these cabinet picks, it is make them safe and/or at least someone that would not be polarizing to the public eye. And like previously mentioned above, the choices made for certain picks are often Republicans who have been proven as loyal to the Republican party. This makes sense, considering that One: Republicans do not like Trump very much and Two: These politicians can make sure Trump follows the agenda (at least they hope). But there is one pick Trump made very recently that seems to have some eyebrows being raised.


The most egregious examples of this are nominating Ben Carson, a previous opponent of Trump in the presidential election and a neurosurgeon, being nominated as the Director of Housing and Urban Development, and the previously pointed out Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil, as Secretary of State. It is picks like these that make no sense in terms of politics and seem to be a part of a spoil system. For those who do not know, a spoil system is when a politician is voted into office, and gives jobs to people who supported his campaign. Tillerson and Trump are both businessmen, so it makes a little too much sense that he get a high end job in Trump’s cabinet.


Despite all of this, judgement cannot be passed until something happens. Needless to say, Trump’s tenure as President is shaping up to be a very interesting period for the United States.