Band Takes on All State


Freshman David Cain auditioned for All State for the second time this year. He has made All State once before and is excited to attend this year.

Abby Marks, Staff Writer

On Jan. 14, 23 of the NFHS band members traveled all the way to Houston County, Georgia to audition for the All State band. However, not just any band member could attend the audition. In December, students had to audition at the district-wide level, and all who passed that audition with a certain score would be moved onto the All State level audition. This time around, they had to play two etudes, one lyrical and one technical, and two sight reading pieces. They are graded on tone quality, technique, dynamics and more. The students were up against some of the best players in the state of Georgia and have been practicing for months.  It is an honor just to be able to audition at this level, let alone make it.


The players who made All State band are:

Senior Stephen Burden – Trumpet – 2nd chair 11/12 orchestra

Junior Johnny Carter – French Horn – 1st chair 11/12 band

Junior Christopher Shoffeitt – Trombone – 5th chair 11/12 band

Senior Anna Grace Brown – Oboe – 11/12 alternate

Freshman David Cain – Trombone – 2nd chair – 9/10 orchestra

Sophomore Sean Jolley – Trombone – 9th chair –  9/10 band


Those students will now have the opportunity to play in a band made from all of the best musicians in the state of Georgia and put on a concert with them. This is a very big accomplishment, and North is very proud of these students for their hard work and dedication to the band program.