Across the Ocean


My world is so blue, full of bright skies.

Abby Marks, Staff Writer

My world is so blue,

Full of bright skies.

My water always

Running, hot

when I tell it to be


The sheets that hug

My plush mattress

Smell like a fresh breeze,

Soft and full of dreams

That could come to be


I have never been scared,

Truly scared for my life,

Or wondered if my eyes

Will be able to see tomorrow

Or if my family will

Stand alongside me


And then there is

The world across the ocean,

Where the sky is black

With pollution and hurt,

And the water runs cold

And brown


The dreams of children

Just like me are caught

In the dirt, the dirt

Bed they sleep in,

And they wake up

Dirty and alone


They have been scared

They have wondered

If tomorrow will exist

Or if their family

Will stand with them

another day



I feel guilty

Every time I wash my

Face with crystal clear water,

Knowing that people just

Like me, with the same hopes,

The same dreams,

The same desires,

Are tainted with

Sludge and dust


But how can I help the world across the ocean?