Following a Season of Defeat, the 2018 Braves Season is Looking Up


The Braves celebrate a homerun made by Nick Markakis, a common occurrence this season with how well they are doing. Currently, they are leading the National League East. Photo by Jeff Schafer.

Abby Marks, Features Editor

After a season full of heartbreaking losses for the Atlanta Braves, their chances of making playoffs this time around are pretty likely. Their 2017 season ended with a record of 72-90, and they were eliminated from the post-season round against the Miami Marlins, keeping them from the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year in a row. However, in the midst of their 2018 season, they are currently holding a record of 83-65, already showing how much they have  improved since last year.

Their highest scoring game of 2018 is a whopping 15-1 against the San Diego Padres in their game on March 10 during spring training. Last season, they scored similarly high in their best game being a score of 14-1 against the Phillies. As the season progressed, the Braves’ scoring diminished, and near the end of their season, they were consistently scoring as little as two times in a game, disappointing fans across Georgia, as they had lost their chance to compete in the playoffs.

This season seems to be much different for the Braves. They are continually scoring high and winning games, giving fans hope that they may end up taking home the World Cup. In their most recent game, they played the New York Giants, taking home the win with a score of 4-1.

As of now, the Braves are ranked number one in the National League East, whereas last year, they finished third. 11 Alive predicts they will finish the season with a record of 95-67, completely blowing last year out of the water and giving the team a good chance at playoffs this season. According to their data and predictions, fans will likely need to gear up and get excited because the Braves are likely going to the playoffs.

The Braves have been leading the National League East since June, and they show no signs of stopping.