A Secret Society: NFHS Men’s Volleyball Team


Montesinos and the men’s volleyball team are a new club at NFHS that is very secretive and exclusive. The club is one of many clubs that Monte has sponsored and was started in hopes of breaking gender barriers in high school sports.

Ella McCook, Staff Writer

Mr. Josh Montesinos, a teacher at North Forsyth High School, has recently started the “most exclusive” and “most secretive” club at NFHS: men’s volleyball.

Montesinos decided to start this club in hopes of breaking gender barriers in high school sports. However, this club only “reinforces these barriers” because it is MEN’S volleyball; therefore, men are only eligible to join.

Montesinos is known for starting clubs most sponsors or students would not think of. He was the sponsor of two previous clubs at NFHS. The first being the Black Student Union because he felt that NFHS was “struggling with cultural relativity.” Another club he started was the Ultimate Frisbee Club because “ultimate is awesome.”

When speaking to Montesinos, he was unable to comment on when meetings, games and practices are for men’s volleyball. He mentioned that the first and only rule of men’s volleyball was to “not talk about men’s volleyball.” However, Montesinos added to, “think of it like Raider Nation’s version of the ‘Top Gun’ scene.”