Do People Start Celebrating Christmas Too Early?


Holiday decor inside a Target.

Around this time of year, Christmas things appear everywhere. Some people embrace the holiday spirit and start celebrating as soon as November hits. Other people despise people in the Christmas mood because they think that Christmas should only be celebrated in December. The Christmas season deserves more than just the month of December for celebration. During the holidays, there are many things to do to celebrate: baking, caroling, shopping, watching movies, and drinking hot cocoa. Sometimes during the month of December, it’s hard to find the time to enjoy all of the many traditions which is why the Christmas celebration should start earlier.

Some students think everyone needs to hold off on the Christmas celebrations.  NFHS freshman, Jess Dillon, says “Christmas is celebrated way too early because November is supposed to be for Thanksgiving only.” Thanksgiving can be considered a very important holiday, especially in the south. It’s time to give thanks and appreciate everything you have. The meaning of Thanksgiving has been lost over the years because most people only consider Thanksgiving to be the day with food. Almost no one nowadays actually celebrates the literal meaning of thanksgiving. There is also nothing you can do to celebrate Thanksgiving. There are really no traditions that take more than a day.

Even though Thanksgiving might be a very special holiday for some people, it’s never too early to start celebrating Christmas. When asked if she thinks people celebrate Christmas too early, junior Melody Scott says, “Absolutely not. I have a friend that celebrates Christmas year-round.” The Christmas season is filled with joy and happiness and so many traditions to partake in. If the company’s and the places around us start to celebrate Christmas earlier, it makes it so much easier to embrace the season. Meanwhile, Thanksgiving is slowly fading away with not many people celebrating the actual meaning of the holiday. Christmas celebration should begin whenever the winter months hit and keep going until New Year’s.