North’s Theatre Dept. Holds Auditions for the New Musical, Big Fish


The NFHS drama department will be performing the play “Big Fish” in the upcoming spring. “Big Fish” is about a son and a father trying to fix their relationship. The father has told the son stories his whole life, and now the boy has to try and sort it all out as he starts his own family. Mr. Walden, the director for the drama department, felt that this show was an amazing idea for North’s student body. Mr.Walden stated, “ I saw a friend in this production this summer and thought ‘Hey, the students at North could really pull this show off!” He mentioned many reasons that he was doing this play, including that he loved the music, characters, and story of this show.


This play is one of the first one that the drama department decided to open auditions up to the public. For the new Triple Threat play, they allowed anyone to come out from the community to audition. “We had a good handful of kids in elementary school, we had one student from middle school, and we had a couple adults come out and audition,” Walden stated. Some of the reasons Mr. Walden decided to open auditions to the public included having a wide variety of people, letting the story reach more people in the community, and increasing their age range. Mr. Walden explained that, “So far auditions have been really good. It’s been interesting with a class and the rest of the school, but the quality has been really impressive.” The final cast list came out on Saturday Dec. 7 announcing all positions in the show. 


When asked if Mr.Walden planned on doing auditions like this in the future, he responded with “We almost certainly will. It depends on how this one goes, but I’d expect more in the future.” The auditions for “Big Fish” started off with some strong talent and dedication. People can expect to see this play on March 26-28. Mr. Walden would like the students at North to know that “if you come and see the play, you’ll have a good time, and it is the right amount of seriousness, fun, realism and fantasy. Make sure you check out the play “Big Fish” and support the drama department this spring.