North Forsyth Basketball JV Girls Win on Jan. 17th Vs. West.


The JV Raiders making a basket against West during the Jan. 17 game.

The basketball game between North Forsyth and West Forsyth ended with a score of 49-26, the Raiders were 23 points ahead of West. During the first quarter, West fell roughly 10 points behind, struggling to make points on the scoreboard. Then during the second quarter, the Raiders pulled almost 20 points higher than West. The game kept going after half-time, with a 20 point difference, but by the end of the game, the raider were up 23 points from West.


The game started easy, both teams full of energy and ready to play. The ball was all over the court: going back and forth between the two teams. North was the first to make points on the scoreboard, but West took the ball back and made a two-pointer. Then Karissa Wilkens, stole the ball back, and made a lay-up. The game proceeded, the Raiders fought for points with West playing defense. Number 10 on the raiders shot most of the first half of the game while number 2 played great defense. Half time ended at 32-16. 


The second half started, but West wasn’t ready, North swept them, making baskets back to back. Number 3 made the first three shots in the second half, making the score 40-18. West tried to take the ball back, but the Raiders kept on making points. Then, number 33, Leah made a shot followed by number 24. West made a few points on the scoreboard, but the raiders got the ball back and number 15 made a clean shot. The buzzer rang and the score ended with a score of 49-26.


Overall, an amazing win for the JV girls. West put up a good fight, but the Raider girls pulled through and came out with a spectacular win.