North Forsyth Welcomes its New Principal for 20-21 School Year, Mr. Bob Carnaroli

North Forsyth announced Mr. Bob Carnaroli as the new principal for the 2020-2021 school year at a meeting in the Hub on Wednesday, Feb. 12. The news comes after the incumbent, Mr. Jeff Cheney, was announced as the principal for the newest addition to the Forsyth County high school cluster, East Forsyth High School, after serving at North starting in 2015.

This year is Mr. Carnaroli’s 34th year in education and 26th in Forsyth County Schools, with previous positions being lead counselor, administrative assistant, and assistant principal. Currently, he serves as assistant principal at Denmark High School. Though Mr. Carnaroli will be new to the staff in the 20-21, school year, he is not entirely new to North Forsyth. In its first year of operation in 1994, Mr. Carnaroli was a part of the counseling team at North Forsyth for 11 years, as well as an administrative assistant for another two. “I am excited to be able to return to this community,” says Carnaroli. “North Forsyth [High School] is a very special place and I am honored to return to serve as the principal.”

Mr. Carnaroli is expecting to make the next school year as smooth of a transition as possible. “My goal is to support the great things that are already in place,” he noted. “I plan to meet with as many students as possible and attend a variety of school events to learn the Raider way.” In addition to North’s current values, pride, passion, and purpose, Mr. Carnaroli plans to bring “unity, caring for others, honesty, respect, strong work ethic, perseverance, creativity, [and] joy in the journey.”

Being a Raider since 1994, Mr. Carnaroli is excited to be back on the scene and involved at North Forsyth once again. “I want the students to know that I am a Raider through and through and want the very best for each student,” he explained. “We will offer as many opportunities and experiences to provide the best environment.” Mr. Carnoroli knows how special the current environment at North Forsyth is, and he plans on continuing that mentality through his time here at North. Mr. Carnaroli puts it best: “Once a Raider, always a Raider!”