Coronavirus Infects Georgia


Gov. Brian Kemp recently gave the announcement of further closing all Georgia schools through April 25. Photo by Georgia Public Broadcasting.

The Coronavirus enters into Fulton county and spreads. As of March 10, 17 people have tested positive for the virus. The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has been the biggest thing on people’s minds, with the MARTA doing a complete disinfect and New York going into a state of emergency. From simply washing their hands to wearing face masks when they leave the house, everyone is on guard with being more sanitary.


A school employee at Bear Creek Middle School in Fairburn and Woodland Middle School in East Point tested positive for COVID-19 and Fulton  schools have been canceled for March 10 of 2020. Although, now it’s not just in Fulton. There are confirmed cases and publicly disclosed cases in Cobb, Polk, Cherokee, and Gwinnett, and now Forsyth.


The virus first entered Georgia on March 2 with only two people infected and has spread to other Georgia areas. Forsyth has been preparing by telling students the plan if Forsyth schools are cancelled and doubling down on sanitization, encouraging students to wash their hands and to use hand sanitizer. The number of infected people go up daily, with the total of infected in the US being over 31000 and 402 reported deaths. 


Originating in Wuhan, China, Covid-19 started spreading with people traveling. The first human confirmed case was in December of 2019 in Cleveland Clinic, and it was believed to have been spread to humans by animals like most other viruses. 


As of March 23, the world shut its doors on everyone and all schools in Georgia are closed at least till the end of April as ordered by Gov. Kemp on March 16. Everyone is being encouraged to stay indoors for the sake of the people who are at risk for the virus.