10 Ways to Stay in Shape at Home


Freshman Varsity Swimmer Julia Wickman practices yoga to remain fit during quarantine. The Swim Team is having a competition to see which group can complete the most amount of workouts or physical activities, and the winners receive a surprise.

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing school closures, many spring athletes are left with their sports being canceled. It is recommended that the athletes remain in shape. This way players can come back to play at their best. If an athlete spends all their time lounging and sports return, they will play at a disadvantage to other players. There is an abundance of methods to keep fit while staying at home. Below are 10 fun ways to stay in shape at home. 



  • Watch an at home workout tutorial on Youtube.


The YouTuber “MadFits” creates and uploads daily workout videos ranging from 3-35 minutes. Her videos entail anything from a workout video to a certain popular song or an in-depth, detailed workout. Prop a phone or laptop up in any room, and anyone who has access to the internet can follow along. 



  • Take a run around your neighborhood or street.


On a nice, sunny day, a walk down your street for some fresh air can be refreshing. Also, heat has been proven to help kill germs!



  • Xfinity provides workouts.


If you have Xfinity On Demand, saying “workout” on your voice remote will lead you to plenty of workouts to follow on your TV. There is a wide variety of the types of videos that they provide. Upon asking for workouts, Xfinity will bring you to a page of perfectly sorted workout options.



  • Play “Just Dance”


Sometimes even the regular Just Dance dances can be a workout if you go hard enough; however, there is a sweat mode option. These dances are even more difficult than usual, so if you are a beginner Just Dance player, I would not recommend them.



  • Take your dog on a walk


This is if you have a dog! If you have a puppy or young dog, you could even go on a nice jog with them. Not only is it good for you, but it is beneficial for them too, and they love it. 



  • Swimming


Swimming can be such an underrated workout. Ever wonder why as a kid you were so wiped out after a long summer day at the pool? It is a full-body workout. Avoid going to public pools if you can. Swimming in your backyard, a private pool is the best option to stay safe and healthy. You do not necessarily need to be swimming laps or anything. A simple family game of Marco Polo if played right should be sufficient.



  • Practice Yoga


There are all kinds of yoga poses in which you lift your entire weight. Yoga can also increase your flexibility and balance which for athletes is very important due to the fact that increased flexibility and balance can prevent injuries. 



  • Get creative!


Find heavy household items that you can lift that can act as dumbells or other weights. Whether they are cartons of milk, bricks, or even siblings, lifting weights can help your cardiovascular health.



  • Do partner workouts with your favorite sibling or family member.


There are plenty of fun youtube videos with partner workouts available where they use resistance bands and other things to do conjoined workouts.



  • Social distance from your pantry or refrigerator


Of course, you need your meals, and you need to eat. However, simply eating when bored is not a healthy practice. In only a few days, overeating can do serious damage to your digestive system.


School closing and sports canceling can be unmotivating, but spring athletes should take this time in self-quarantine to better themselves and stay in shape. Whether they are simply finding heavy things around the house to use them as weights or taking a nice jog around their neighborhood, any action towards being fit benefits their future. They can continue to become stronger and more physically in shape then they were during their season so that when they come back next spring, their performance is greatly improved.