North Forsyth’s Boys Varsity Basketball Team Snags a Victory Against Landmark Christian


Coach Sokol peps the players up before the third quarter begins. Photo by Melody Scott.

Wrapping up the first night of the 2020 “ Raider Classic Thanksgiving Tournament,” North Forsyth’s boys varsity basketball team beat the Landmark Christian Eagles 61-30. Playing at home in the Raider Arena, North brought grit and determination to the game. 


As the scoreboard buzzed, marking the beginning of the first quarter, both teams were back and forth across the court trying to score the first few points of the game. #10, Aidan Kudlas, would score the first two points of the game. #35, Cole Kirouac, and #5, Matthew Rouse, would score a combination of seven points with Kudlas scoring another two as well. By the time three minutes hit the board during the first quarter, North would be up by 11 points with Landmark Christian falling behind with zero points. However, Landmark Christian #24, Joshua Harris, would put two points on the board for the Eagles. With two minutes left, North would gain another four points and Landmark Christian would score another three. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 19-5 putting North in the lead. 


As the second quarter began, the game would be back-and-forth as both teams fought for the ball. North’s #33, Parker Adams, would score the first two points of the quarter. As the tension rose in the arena, Kudlas had possession of the ball. Running down the court, he dunked the ball, scoring two points for North. The crowd erupted into applause as he made the basket. With that play, the score was brought to 23-5. Landmark Christian started to catch up, scoring four points in the quarter. However, the Raiders would score 14 more points, not allowing the Eagles a chance to gain too much of a lead. As the scoreboard buzzed marking half-time, the score was 33-9. 

#32, Jackson Olsen, scores two points during the third quarter of the game, making the score 43-13. Photo by Melody Scott.

Feeling excitement and determination, both teams came back into the court ready to win the game. Within the first few minutes of the third quarter, Rouse scored two points for the Raiders. Following that, Kudlas dunked the ball for the second time, scoring another two points for the team. The audience roared with another round of applause for Kudlas as the score went up on the board. North would then proceed to score another 16 points from #11, DJ Hyams, #32, Jackson Olsen, #14, Will Sokol, and #5, Matthew Rouse. Throughout the quarter, Landmark Christian was trailing behind North, struggling to score points. However, by the end of the quarter, the Eagles were able to score 13 more points, making the score 53-22. 


As the scoreboard buzzed, marking the final quarter of the game, the Landmark Christian Eagles did not go without a fight. Plays from Landmark Christian’s #23 and #35, helped the Eagles gain an additional eight points. However, it was not enough to beat North’s winning streak. With North scoring seven more points, making the score 61-33, the scoreboard buzzed, signaling the end of the game. 


With the first night of the Thanksgiving tournament ending on a positive note for North Forsyth, the varsity boys basketball team will advance to the next game on Monday, Nov. 23 at 8 p.m. against the South Gwinnett Comets. Will they keep their winning streak? Come out to the varsity boys basketball game on Monday to find out.