Eight Activities to Do With Your Family During the Holidays


There are many activities to do with family and friends during the holidays such as skating, building gingerbread houses and decorating Christmas trees. Photo compilation by Imogene Ragan.

The holidays can be busy and even stressful to some, but they are also a time to spend with family and friends. Throughout all the chaos of Christmas decorating and shopping, there may seem like there isn’t much time to plan other holiday activities. Here are eight ideas to do with your family and friends this holiday season.





1. Baking holiday treats (Photo credit: Camp Live Oak)

This traditional holiday activity is perfect for a family with a sweet tooth or those with a passion for whipping up yummy goods. From cookies to cinnamon rolls, there are many treats that can be made. For those who have younger siblings, making cookies for Santa can make it all the more exciting. 


2. Holiday Light Show (Photo Credit: Explore Georgia)

For many, it doesn’t feel like Christmas until everyone puts their holiday lights up on display. Some people even have lights that dance with music. Many of them have a system where you could tune your radio in to listen and watch from your car. 


3. Ice skating (Photo Credits: Mary’s Woods)

Ice skating is a popular activity to do in the winter with friends and family. If you like being active while spending time with your family, ice skating may be a perfect activity for you. 


4. Christmas Movie Marathon (Photo Credit: Party Pinching)

There are so many Christmas movies on streaming platforms such as Amazon and Netflix for you and your family to watch. Renting or buying these movies could be a great option for those planning to watch them over and over again. 


5. Caroling (Photo Credit: WalkEz Store)

For those who enjoy singing, caroling can be a great activity and bonding moment for friends and family. From just singing to adding instruments, there are many ways to go about your caroling.


6. Secret Santa (Photo Credit: Kim Kamando)

A Secret Santa party is when a group of people draw a name and buy that person a gift. Before the gift-giving takes place, the person you are buying a gift for must remain a secret to the rest of the group. Secret Santas is an activity for families and groups of friends with at least six people. However, it can be done with four people, but there is less surprise.


7. Build and Decorate Gingerbread Houses (Photo Credit: King Arthur Baking)

Another bonding holiday tradition is building and decorating gingerbread houses. Along with gingerbread houses, gingerbread cookies can be baked with leftover dough. There are many recipes on the internet for these houses, and many stores sell kits to make them.


8.        Tree Decorating (Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping)

Tree decorating is another traditional activity to do with your family. Freshman, Caroline Wamsley says that tree decorating is her favorite activity to do during Christmas. “It brings the feeling of Christmas into the house.” Not only could someone decorate the tree, but decorating the rest of the house and outside can be good bonding moments as well.


There are many more activities to do with family and friends this holiday season. From the tradition of baking cookies to binge watching Christmas movies, each activity can be a fun experience for every group of friends and family.