Sarah Fuller Kicks for the Power Five


Sarah Fuller becomes the first female kicker to play for the Power 5 game. Photo by: Christopher Hanewinckel.

College soccer player, Sarah Fuller, was announced to be the first female player to play in the Power 5 game when she first played for Vanderbilt on Nov. 28 against the Missouri Tigers. For her performance while doing her lone kickoff, she was titled as Southeastern Conference’s (SEC) Special Teams’ “Player of the Week.” 


Fuller’s coach, Derek Mason, said that she was only kicking due to COVID-19 regulations. With limited options, he reached out to the soccer team and Fuller accepted the offer. Mason stated, “I’m not about making statements. This was out of necessity. You look at our week. Our students had gone home. The ability to have access to students and tryouts were almost nil in terms of, like, what’s available.” He says, “(Having Fuller kick) just happened to be the most viable option.” 


Fuller practiced with the Commodores after helping them win the SEC Tournament back on Nov. 21. Fuller stated that her longest field goal was 38 yards. On the back of her helmet she had written “Play Like a Girl.” And a senior will be keeping her jersey that was numbered 32, the same as her soccer jersey. Fuller made a statement saying, “I think it’s incredible I’m able to do this, and what I want is to be a good influence to the young girls out there. Because there were times I struggled with sports, but I’m so thankful I stuck with it.” 


Sarah Fuller had been a starter for her soccer team since she was a senior in 2020 after bringing Vanderbilt to victory. As of now, Coach Mason was fired due to a 27-55 record as a Vanderbilt coach. Fuller is expected to play again in a game against Georgia on Dec.19, but due to COVID-19 protocols the date may change.