The Final Four: What’s Up and Coming for the 2021 Seniors in Their Last Four Months of High School


With graduation coming in four months, the 2021 seniors have multiple activities and events coming up, including senior week, senior picnic and graduation. Photo from Getty Images.

With four months of the 2020-2021 school year left, the countdown towards graduation has begun. Bustling with excitement for their next chapter to start, seniors at North Forsyth High School are impatiently waiting for May to come along down the bend. However, as “senior season” starts to pick up, there are some important events and reminders coming up for the 2021 seniors. 


On Feb. 1, senior dues went up from $130 to $155. The senior dues cover cap and gown fees, facility rentals and fees for upcoming senior events. Students can pay their senior dues via Balfour. In addition to paying for senior dues, students can also order their graduation announcements on Balfour’s website. 

The senior t-shirts display the front of the school on the back along with the graduation year. Photo from North Forsyth High School’s Counseling Department.


Yearbooks and senior t-shirts are also available for purchase at North Forsyth. Yearbooks are $100 right now and can be purchased through the yearbook order center using our school code 15157. Senior t-shirts can be pre-ordered in-person at the Raider Station or on the online store. The senior shirts display the front of the school on the back with the graduating year and will be $21 each. 


With a hectic schedule coming up for the class of 2021 seniors, many are excited at what’s to come in the next four months of school. 


Joshua Rothstein, senior, explains that he is looking forward to Science Olympiad, a team based competition that pertains to a variety of different sciences. He explains that Science Olympiad “will be online this year and [the team] will attend at our own schools. I still think it could be fun.” 


Ansley Miller, senior, explains that she is looking forward to “finals week, as odd as it sounds.” Miller explains that “it’s the last week that I will be in class, and possibly see, the friends and people I have learned and grown with for the past four years. It’s also a chance to reflect on our high school experience and everything we’ve worked so hard for.” 


Both Alex Ferreira, senior, and Ashley Kosten, senior, are excited for their senior prom. Kosten states that she’s excited for prom because “we weren’t able to have it last year so this year will be especially important [to me].” Ferreira agrees with her stating that “[prom] is gonna be the first one that our class has had.” 


With that, some of the senior activities will include senior week in March, senior picnic, senior breakfast and baccalaureate. Senior week will have specific theme days only for the seniors and will be from March 29- April 2. 


At the senior picnic, whose date is still being determined, seniors will receive their graduation gear, from their caps and gowns to their cords from clubs they have been involved in. Senior exams will take place from May 11-May 14, in which seniors without A’s in their classes for both semesters will take their final exams. The senior breakfast and graduation practice are required for all seniors to attend on May 18 at 9 a.m. in the NFHS cafeteria, and that night seniors have the option to attend baccalaureate at First Baptist Church at 6 p.m. During that same week, senior awards night will take place by invitation only. 


Finally, on May 24, the class of 2021’s graduation ceremony will take place at 8 p.m. at the Infinite Energy Arena. Marking the end of one unforgettable journey, the seniors will embark on a new one, whether they are going to college or going into the workforce.