Rumors on the Tokyo and Beijing Olympic Games


The Japan Olympics were originally supposed to be held July 24 to Aug.9, 2020. However, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the plans were postponed. Japan’s prime minister said the Olympics “will be held by Summer 2021.” However, the pandemic is still affecting those plans almost a year later; marking the first time the Olympics have ever been delayed in their 124 year history. 


The Olympic website posted a message from Olympic committee president Thomas Bach. On the topic of the Tokyo 2020 and the Beijing 2022 games he said, “We are working at full speed, always following the one principle established from the very beginning of this crisis. This means a safe environment for everybody, and in particular the athletes participating in the Olympic games.” Finishing off his interview with a motivating speech, “I invite you to prepare the Olympic games Tokyo 2020 next year (this being 2021) and for the Olympic winter games in Beijing 2022.” However, no notion has been made on the dates for the 2021 Japan Olympic games will take place. But, it has been hinted at the dates being during the summer. 


CNN interviewed the most successful female Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn. CNN said, “But even someone as resilient as Vonn doesn’t get how athletes are coping in the ever-changing landscape of a global pandemic after the Tokyo Olympics’ postponement in 2020, and despite fevered speculation to the contrary organizers’ insistence that the Games will go ahead later this year.” In an interview Vonn expressed to CNN sports, “Honestly, I don’t know how the Summer Olympians are coping … not knowing if or when you’re competing, or knowing if you’ll have any competition beforehand, not really having the same training capabilities that you had before.” With the postponement of the 2020 Olympics and now another postponement might happen. Athletes are losing hope. 


However, their are still speculations on whether there will be an Olympic game this year. However the International Olympic Committee, or IOC has put out a statement, “Together with its Japanese partners and friends, the IOC is fully concentrated on and committed to the successful delivery” of the Tokyo Games this year.