JV Boys Baseball Defeated by War Eagles

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  • Both teams prepare to face off in their latest game. Photo by Emma Simmons

  • Austin McCade, #6, up to bat. Photo by Emma Simmons

  • The boys in the dugout have to be prepared to go up to the plate. Photo by Emma Simmons

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On March 4, 2021, the JV boys baseball team faced off against South Forsyth on the Raider Valley after school. There was a decent turn out, and the game started just after five  p.m. with the War Eagles up to bat.

Connor West, #2, from South did not hit any of the pitches but on the fourth ball was able to run to first base. After Ty Bayer, #25, from South hit one, West ran to second base while Bayer ran to first. However, no runs were made as the third player received three strikes. 

From there, North came up to bat. Jake Prince, #3, managed to hit the ball and run to first base. Kyle Duckwall (“Ducky” as the team called him from the dugout) made a strong hit, but it was caught out of the air, thus putting him out. 

Kyle Roper, #15, was stuck on first base, but was unable to move before North switched to defense and South stepped up to bat. 

Both teams were highly vocal with encouragement towards their teammates, especially South Forsyth.Baylor Hicks, #24, from South was able to run to first after the pitcher threw four balls, but was tagged out before he could go any further. No further ground was covered by the Eagles before the teams switched positions.

Austin McCabe, #6, from North was able to run to first after hitting the ball and reaching the base before he could be tagged out. When Billy Mason, #17, came up to bat, he bunted the ball so that McCabe could move to second. However, Mason  did not run any himself. On the second hit, Billy Mason was able to run to first base and McCabe was tagged out. Chandler Deblois, #1, came to the plate with one teammate at first base and Mason at second. Deblois hit the ball in such a way that he was able to travel to first base, Mason ran to second, and McCabe ran to third. This play was the most players and distance traveled in the game so far.

After Jake Prince, #3, was pitched to, North almost scored two runs as Mason and McCabe ran to home base. However, the ball was caught out of the air just as they crossed it. At this point in the game neither team had any runs, but the War Eagles had one hit and the Raiders had three. 

The crowd continued to show support for both teams as the game went on. In the fourth inning, North’s player Chandler Deblois, #1, was able to score a run bringing the Raiders into the lead.

However, this lead did not last. South tied the game in the sixth inning after scoring a run. Both teams put in all their effort into turning the game into their favor, and, in the seventh inning, South scored a second run ending the game 2-1 in South’s favor.