March Madness: Raider Station


The destination of sales and activities; the Raider Station is open and has it’s March Madness schedule on the blue board. Photo by Micayla Peters.

March Madness is almost here bringing days of fun and activities to NFHS. Students will be able to take part in Jersey Day, game predictions and, of course, sales at the Raider Station as a part of this annual event.


What is March Madness? March Madness is the three week men’s basketball tournament featuring 68 college teams from March 18 to  April 5. The goal of the tournament is to determine who will win this year’s national championship. People from all over the country fill out brackets in an attempt to predict each game’s winner and guess who will make it to the Final Four. Some people fill out the bracket for fun while others are more serious by betting on each game’s outcome. The bottom line  is filling out the bracket is an activity that both sports and non-sports fans find enjoyable. The playoff schedule can be found on the NCAA’s page. 


NFHS is celebrating and highlighting this event starting with the school store sale that began on Monday, March 15 and will run until Friday, April 2. The sale is offering discounts on a lot of merchandise, and the store is having fun activities to go with this, such as free-throws. Will Lorton, senior, shares that his favorite products from the store are “the rain jacket and the bucket hat [because] they look super cool and aren’t expensive, especially after the sale.” 


The school is also making QR codes for students to scan to view game predictions. They will also have some at the school store. Jersey day is also coming up and even though the date for it is still being decided, it will be posted on the Raider Station Instagram page. They will have Instagram posts everyday to keep the students updated. 


March Madness is a huge event where people from all over the United States come together and watch college basketball teams competing at their best. Students at NFHS are no exception. The Raider Station is taking part and celebrating the most maddening time of the year.