A “Clue” About Ms. Martin


Martin shares her plans for drama this school year. Photo by: Kinley Waltman.

With the opening of East Forsyth, many new teachers, including Colleen Martin, were hired for the 2021-2022 school year. Martin has many plans for drama this year.

One thing Martin has planned for this year is a one-act show called “All Together Now.” Martin is excited about the advanced drama show based on “Clue.” Martin also stated, “I’m excited for “Mama Mia” just because it’s big and fun.” Martin said she considers a rehearsal successful “if everything goes as planned and if we get through a certain number of pages.” Martin won a one-act competition, and when asked how she felt when she won, she answered that she was “happy and proud, especially since it was last year when everything was uncertain.”

Martin’s goal for this year is to “let everyone know who we [the drama department] are.” When asked what motivated her to become a drama teacher, Martin replied, “My drama teacher, Colleen Bonner, had a positive influence on my life. She believed in me and showed me a career path that I had never thought about.”

This year is her first year teaching at North. She explained, “I’m really happy to be here; the students are great, the faculty is great and the support is fantastic.” Her favorite thing to help students with is “developing confidence in themselves so that they leave high school with more confidence than they came in with.”

Martin believes building relationships with her students is important. She expressed, “I think it’s the number one thing that teachers need to do. I think it’s important to build relationships and to have trust. Trust allows us to overlook our weaknesses.”