‘80s and ‘90s Influence on Today’s TV Screens

The mom jeans, oversized shirts and classic skirt outfits born in the ‘80s and ‘90s have made a huge comeback in Generation Z’s style. Not only is the style of these fun periods coming back, but the entertainment is as well. Classics such as the ‘80s and ‘90s “Breakfast Club”, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, “Ghostbusters”, “The Karate Kid”, “She’s All That”, “Boy Meets World” and “Friends” are all making cinematic comebacks with huge impacts on our TV screens.


The creation of new adaptations of loved originals has increased; the most recent example being “He’s All That”, starring TikTok influencer, Addison Rae. The plot follows the original “She’s All That” footsteps, with the main character making a bet that they can turn any person into prom king or queen. However, in the new adaptation, the genders of the leads are reversed. The movie also incorporates some of the actors from the original into the movie. 


Other New Adaptations include: “The Karate Kid” starring Jaden Smith and “Girl Meets World”, a spin-off of the original “Boy Meets World” series. Not only do the ‘80s and ‘90s have irresistible plots, keeping interest as the series progresses, but they also bring a time of joy and fun making it easy to get lost in. 


Sophomore Cannan Sweatman discusses one of her favorite ‘90s shows, “Seinfeld”, and says, “I love Seinfeld because it is so relatable. The stories are hilarious because they are realistic and common, everyday scenarios. Seinfeld is genius because of its dry humor and quirky characters making it hard not to get attached to.”


New TV shows have discovered the shared love of this vintage period and have started using that to their advantage. Junior Abby Shoemake explains how “Stranger Things”, a  series set in the early ‘80s, is one of her favorites. She says, “I love how Stranger Things showcases the ‘80s time period in the way that the characters dress, hairstyles, decoration and layout of setting. The costume choices for the show are bright and colorful, especially in the third season, where the time period is really showcased. The setting of the show makes it hard not to like both the ‘80s and the show.”


The ‘80s and ‘90s were a carefree, vibrant time. Being able to watch shows and movies from the time or even set in the time allows for an escape from reality. The clothing, hair and relatable scenarios allow the younger generations to get lost and grow addicted to their love for the iconic period.