SIEGE Con: Inspiring the Future Generation

FBLA and the Esports team went to a tech-based college fair at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta for a field trip on Thursday, Oct. 14 during school. It was called SIEGE Con, which stands for Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo. The fair was based on cultivating and educating high school students about digital careers, specifically with a focus on gaming and interactive professions. Shannon Rush and Max Stallings oversaw the students attending the event. 


The groups rode a bus to the University, leaving at 7:15 a.m. and returning around 2:40 p.m., which was earlier than planned.


Previously, the schools and organizations that have attended SIEGE Con have included the American Institute of Architects, Columbus State, Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy and Microsoft. The attending colleges this year were the Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia State University, University of West Georgia and Kennesaw State University. Pharaoh’s Conclave, a company with the goal of exposing the next generation to Esports career pathways, also attended and hosted a panel. 


Each group had a panel that focused on their specific area of expertise. Pharaoh’s Conclave encouraged the students to try out several different paths of expertise so that they would know what interests them. The idea was that the students would start early and become well-versed and engaged in their areas of expertise so that the next generation would be passionate and interested in what they were doing. As a college focused on the arts, SCAD covered the basics of game designs, such as texture, landscapes, modeling, and lighting, and KSU taught the components of game design. 


“Learning about the effort put into game development was interesting,” junior Mikayla Matthews commented, “I liked the panels and the speakers. They were all pretty engaging and interesting.” She went with the Esports team, which is headed by Mr. Stallings. 


Overall, the experience was aimed towards encouraging the FBLA and Esports students to pursue a career in the field of digital media and game design, and the trip itself was a success.