The Last Boy’s JV Basketball Game Secured Win for North

On Friday, Feb. 4,  the boy’s JV basketball team faced off against the Gainesville Red Elephants in the auxiliary gym after school. It was the last game of the season, and the stands were filled with spectators cheering on both sides. 


The Raiders started with a strong offense, immediately pushing Gainesville back into a defensive stance. North scored the first points and had a foul shot, so the score was brought 3-0. The Red Elephants pushed back and scored but were immediately countered by the Raiders. The two teams went back and forth in a tug-of-war style scrimmage that brought the score to 8-5. Then the Raiders broke the passing streak and scored five times in a row, bringing the score 18-5 right before the first period ended. 


The pattern continued all throughout the second period as the Raiders used the success in the first as a springboard for the next. Obvious teamwork and communication skills helped push North further ahead as the score came 28-19. However, the Red Elephants began to push the Raiders back right before the second period ended, scoring several points and bringing the score 34-30 as halftime began. 


Tensions increased as the score was nearly tied, and that energy propelled both teams into the third period with a renewed sense of determination. Again, they went back and forth taking offensive and defensive stances as the power shifted between them. The match was high energy, and thanks to fouls called on Gainesville and several baskets secured by the Raiders, at the end of the third the score was 50-38. 


Players for both the Raiders and the Red Elephants showed a high level of grit as the teams fought for the win in the final period. Though they both played with all they had, North’s lead was secured as they almost doubled their lead, finishing the game with a score of 69-41.