Royal Family Theories


Princess Diana a month before her death. Conspiracy theorists believe Queen Elizabeth II was behind the infamous car crash. Photo by Good Housekeeping.

Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne since 1953. She was only 25 years old when her father, King George VI, died in his sleep on Feb. 6, 1952. Elizabeth was next in line for the throne, and on June 2, 1953, she was officially named the Queen of England. This June will mark the 70th anniversary of her reign, ruling 54 years longer than her father. 


During Elizabeth’s time on the throne, she and her family have fallen victim to many rumors and conspiracies. While some may be true, some of the past ones that are rather humorous are Queen Elizabeth I was a man and Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son, Prince Charles, is a vampire.


Others give you something to consider. The most popular conspiracy is the death of Princess Diana. In August 1997, Princess Diana died in a car crash with her romantic partner, Dodi Fayed. The couple died from severe injuries, and law enforcement reported the driver, Henry Paul, as drunk. Paul drove the car into a pillar inside the Pont de l’Alma tunnel at 120 mph, allegedly attempting an escape from the paparazzi. Some conspiracy theorists believe Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family planned the crash


After Diana divorced Prince Charles, she started dating Fayed, an Egyptian film producer. British citizens began to speculate if she was pregnant. The royal family would have disapproved of her if this was true. It was also clear that Prince Charles did not want to have a Middle Eastern stepfather for his two sons, which is another reason why the supposed accident was murder. 


Another theory is that Prince Charles is the son of a foreign con artist. Elizabeth II’s late husband, Prince Philip, was seen as a foreign con artist but still came into the palace. If this is true, the Queen killing Princess Diana does not make sense.


One of the most recent theories is that the Queen was dead. Near the end of February, she caught COVID-19, and for a while, nothing was released about her. But about a month later, Elizabeth was out and about, speaking about her experience with the sickness. So, clearly, she did not die from the disease.


All in all, these conspiracies and rumors are very far-fetched. The only one worth considering is the death of Princess Diana. The press and public should give the Queen and her family a break, as they are just humans beings. Even people in the public eye want to live a life without rumors or conspiracies spread about them.