Esports Teams Qualify for Playoffs

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  • The esports team winning the “Smash Bros.” Game. Photo by Mikayla Matthews.

  • Locked in the heat of battle. Photo by Mikayla Matthews.

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The North Forsyth esports teams have shown their prowess, and during the week of April 18, 2022, several teams qualified for the playoffs. “Rocket League,” “Smash Bros.” and “Madden” all participated. “League of Legends” did not qualify, but the team came close.


“Rocket League” played against Gilmer High School on April 18. Lane Garmon (Asyx) was the only player from North to score a goal.


“Smash Bros.” played against Mount Vernon High School on Thursday, April 21. Senior David McGowan (Cosmolade) won his match playing with Mewtwo by one stock, but lost his second playing as Kirby. He also lost playing with King K. Rool. The Mount Vernon player chose Link for all three matches. Freshman Victor Weissman (DUNKING0KUS) won in a King K. Rool ditto (where the opposing sides choose the same fighter) by one stock. However, when he played Sonic against King K. Rool, he lost, and then due to an accidental self-destruct, he also lost his match as Steve. The final score was 4-2 for the Mustangs. Unfortunately, Smash lost their playoff games overall, but the players certainly gave their best to the end. 


The “Madden” team was tested by Dodge County on Monday, April 25. Brandon Ferraro was forced into overtime and managed to maintain his perfect season by pulling through and gaining two scores to beat his opponents. Due to his win, he was able to move into the Final Four on Wednesday, April 27, and played against East County High School. That round was successful, and thanks to Ferraro, the team moved on to the State Championship. Unfortunately, though Ferraro did his best, the team did not win. 


Although Coach Max Stallings has been coaching esports for four years and playing video games for even longer, he currently teaches Sports Med, and it is clear that he is devoted both to the success of the team and the well-being of those who participate. He is most proud of the growth that the team has shown throughout the season. Stallings expressed, “I think that seeing us have our own space and seeing our principal and school support us and seeing the kids love it allowed me to facilitate that passion.”


When asked what will be changing next year, Stallings said, “Every year I have to embrace change… every sport is going to have its own popularity…. We have to change to accommodate popularity.”


The esports team looks forward to reconvening in August.